Trout Baits in a Pinch

It’s finally your day off and time for your much awaited trip to the local trout stream. The weather is perfect, friends are reporting the bite is strong but there is one problem- you forgot to pick up fresh bait last night.

So, is your trip a bust? Or will you be forced to beg some PowerBait from a fellow angler? Not necessarily. You may have a perfectly suitable substitute already in the kitchen cabinets.

Try one of these “home grown” trout baits. Not only could they save the day and keep you from the “honey do list” they might actually perform better than what you would have bought (if you had remembered).

  1. White Bread – old fashion sliced white bread has been a favorite bait for many young boys dragging a cane pole to the local stream. There is no reason why it can’t become a savior for you too. Yes, white bread does work best probably due to the color. Simply wad a small piece into a ball and place on tiny treble hook. Other than that it is fished like any other bait, except for the fact that you probable need to change it more often. Once it gets wet it will start to soften and eventually fall off the hook so have several slices available.
  2. Corn – this is another favorite make shift bait as it is cheap, plentiful and easy to use. Of course it doesn’t hurt at it catches fish too. Tread 2 or 3 kernel on a straight hook , let it float off the bottom and wait for a bite. Of course you can not use creamed corn, only the whole kernel variety will work.
  3. Chewing gum – bread and corn make sense but chewing gum?? Yes, chewing gum. All you need to do is pick a color, chew for a couple minutes and press onto a treble hook.
  4. Mini-marshmallows – one of the best late season anglers I have ever encountered swore by mini marshmallows, especially the colored variety. They tread onto a hook well. Do not require additional knowledge or specialized equipment. Just a bag of marshmallows, small treble hooks and you are ready to catch fish. If faced with a deep impoundment add a enough split shoot to submerge bait and float to present it vertically.
  5. Velveeta cheese- this gooey golden imitation cheese tops the list of home grown trout baits. Long before paste baits anglers were molding small pieces to tiny hooks and pulling in big fish. There is no reason why you cant too! Fish it the same way you would any modern paste bait.

So there you have it- the top home grown trout baits. Next time you find yourself lacking traditional baits, or just want to try something different, try one. See if you don’t catch trout with the best of them!

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