Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package Reviewed

If you’re looking for a good lightweight inflatable kayak that is durable and tracks well in the water, then look no further than this one by Sea Eagle. This tandem kayak is one of the best selling fishing kayaks on the market for 2016. It has an affordable price and is a great choice for anglers who want a good inflatable kayak for fishing. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this one. I think that it’s one of the best inflatable kayaks for the money in 2016. So, be sure to order yours for the fishing season this year!

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Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak Features

Let me tell you what I like about this Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package so that you can determine if it’s a good choice for you. There is no denying that this thing has a lot of great features. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, just look at the top features:

  • Lightweight and portable inflatable sport kayak
  • NMMA Certified
  • Inflates in 8 minutes
  • Self-bailing drain valve
  • 3 deluxe one-way valves
  • Lashed-down inflatable spray skirts
  • I-beam construction floor
  • 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking and speed
  • Pressure gauge and repair kit
  • Bow & stern grab line
  • Rugged PolyKrylar hull is tough enough to withstand dog paws
  • 650 pound weight limit capacity

Sounds pretty good, eh? You can spend your day racing down the river or cruising a mirror-smooth lake at dawn in the Sea Eagle Sport kayak. It holds up to 650 pounds, but weighs only 32. Easily portable, it carries up to three people and gear, but can be transported and used by one adult alone. You can even bring your dog out on the water–the rugged PolyKrylar hull is tough enough to withstand dog paws and claws. The SE370 packs down to fit in a storage bag, but has cargo space for camping gear and other supplies. It can be used for paddling, fishing, yacht tending, or skin diving. You can even take it on the river as it can handle whitewater up to class III.

The Sea Eagle features an extra thick 38-millimeter Polykrylar hull, an I-beam construction floor for extra rigidity, inflatable spray skirts, removable inflatable front and rear seat, front and rear rope handles, and a self-bailing drain valve (a handy feature on whitewater rivers or in ocean surf). It also features two molded kegs for tracking and speed to track smoothly across the water, and high-frequency welded seams that fuse the material into one solid piece.

If you’re concerned about whether not this kayak will have the dimensions that you desire, just take a moment to check out the detailed specs below.

  • Interior: 10 feet, 8 inches by 1 foot, 1 inch
  • Exterior: 12 feet, 6 inches by 2 feet, 10inches
  • Deflated: 31 by 19 by 8 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 9 inches
  • Capacity: 3 Persons or 650 pounds
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Chambers: 3 (port, starboard,floor)
  • Material: 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC)
  • Seam: High-frequency welded
  • Floor: Inflatable I-beam construction
  • Air Valves: 5 deluxe one-way
  • Inflation & Assembly time: 8 minutes

More on the Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package

If you’re still trying to make up your mind on this one, let me see if I can help you by tackling some of the questions that I think you might have before you purchase. If I don’t answer all your questions, just leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Can my dog ride out with me in this kayak without it’s claws popping the surface?

No problem, very sturdy material. My dog has been! I think it would take some real effort for her to pop it, though probably not impossible. I’ve been pretty rough with mine though and only got one small hole on the bottom, probably from dragging it over oyster beds. The patch kit fixed it in five min and it has been fine since. I love it!

How do I keep it from spinning around on the water? It just won’t go straight!

This is a common user error mistake. I’m sure you went out backwards! We’ve done that…put the seats in thinking they were facing towards the front. Check your rudder underneath…it should be in the back and your seats facing away from that!

Should I get SE370 or SE330 for beginner kayak owner?

The 370 has more space, can hold two adults plus a kid and/or dog with all your gear. Also, the seats on the 370 are much more comfortable.

Is this easy to maneuver with just one person?

It is as easy to maneuver as a regular kayak as long as you have the rudder fins. Though, I wouldn’t use this boat on a very windy and/or choppy day.


How is the long term durability for the Sea Eagle 330?

It is very durable. I have only had one small leak and that was after I hit some muscles that were on an underwater bridge pillar that we didn’t see. For the record, my friend in a regular fiberglass kayak also received some small holes.


I am concerned about safety with taking my two small children out. Has anyone had an issue with a fast leak?

The leaks I suffered from the muscles were slow enough to row to shore and repair right there. The repair kit that comes with the kayak was easy to use and quick drying. We were kayaking again in about thirty minutes. However, if you check Sea Eagle’s website they sell an underwater repair kit as well. I always kayak with the foot pump and repair kit with me just in case and, of course, everyone wears life jackets.

What’s the difference between the deluxe and pro versions?

“Pro” comes with a heavy-duty carry bag and better seats. The seats alone are probably worth the extra price. The deluxe package seats look pretty flimsy; the pro package seats are more substantial and I think give more support.

How does this boat really handle in Class III whitewater?

I would guest that it will handle it very well. I was recently out with it in class 1-2 whitewater and had NO issues what so ever.

Are the oars collapsible?

Yes, the break down into four pieces for easy transport and storage.

Is this a good kayak for someone with back problems?

Yes. I have had several lower back surgeries and suffer from degerative vertebrae dx. I love this kyak. The seats are very comfortable. I do sit up a little straighter to keep from twisting my back as I paddle making sure to uses my arm muscles. I started off short ventures and increased my time. I’m very happy I purchased it.

Our rating:

(4.3 / 5)
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