Are You Ready For Trout Season?

Spring is just around the corner and that means that so is trout season. You might still be cringing at the mention of a few possible snow showers in your future, but you are probably dreaming of pleasant spring days made better by stringers of tasty rainbows. So the really question is not whether YOU are ready but is your GEAR ready. If not, dreaming of fish maybe as close as you get

Each piece of your trout gear, be it top-notch special order or hand-me-downs someone else out grew, is a tool. Like any other tool your each piece of gear requires some basic maintenance to keep it in top working order. In a perfect world each of us would clean, inspect and safely store each prized item between trips and at the end of the season. In the real world it is more likely that everything ends up in a corner, dripping water and weeds until your significant other finally shoves it in the closet – where it will sit until next season.

If you are lucky enough to fall into the former category then there is no need to read any further, but feel free to drop me a line explaining how you find the time to be so meticulous. If on the other hand you are a member of the latter scenario maybe I can offer you some tips to get everything back in working order.

First, you need to sort through everything and decide what can, or needs to be, saved and what you will be discarding. Trust me, no matter how attached you have become the 9 month old sub sandwich you forgot in your tackle bag is not a keeper. You will also want to strip off all your old line, toss any rusted hooks or plastics which have been rolling around in the bottom of the dirty bag. Everything else can usually be wiped off and set aside.

Next, examine everything you set aside and determine what needs to be repaired, oiled or painted. At the very least you should plan on tearing down, washing and oiling your reel, spooling new line, sharpening lure hooks and touching up any chipped or scratched paint. While you are at it make a list of items which need to be restocked such as hooks, sinkers and lures which may have been lost last season.

Finally, it is time to organize everything and nothing beats a good soft sided tackle bag with removable trays. I prefer to have individual trays for each species with similar lures grouped together. Items such as sinkers, floats or hooks which can be used for multiple species or scenarios get their own tray as well. My knife or multi-tool, measuring tape, regulation book, stringer etc. are securely stowed in the outer pockets where I can reach them.

You are ready to go! Now all you need to do is mark the calendar and wait for opening day.

Good Luck, Good Fishing!

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