Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review

If you’re on the market for a good fishing kayak to take in the ocean, then I suggest you consider the Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak. While not as popular as some of the other brands and models, this inflatable ocean kayak is high quality and performs well out in the ocean waves.

What is really interesting about this kayak is that it doesn’t have any PVC, so it is a more eco-friendly choice of inflatable kayak. And, it is still stable and tracks well!

The Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak does have a higher price tag than some of the other models out there, but it is well worth if it you can catch it on sale at one of the online stores. I do believe that it is well-made and packs enough features to warrant the higher price tag. Plus, it is hard to find an inflatable that does well in the ocean like this one does.

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Unfortunately, it does not come rigged for fishing, but overall it is still a good buy for people planning on using it in the ocean or rivers without calm waters. The steering is also a little sensitive compared to others I’ve used.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak Features

if you are interested in learning more about this tandem ocean kayak, then I can share some of its top features with you. Here is a quick glance at what are it’s most awesome features:

  • Nitrylon, rubber-coated
  • Class 1 river rating, rugged
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Deck netting and gear bungees
  • No PVC
  • Adjustable footrest
  • 396 lbs weight capacity
  • Kayak itself weighs just 36 lbs

As you can see, there are no rod holders included with this one, so you anglers will need to spend a little extra on outfitting this thing for fishing.

The Helios II EX Inflatable Kayak by Innova is perfect for river exploring, paddling along ocean shores or going fishing in the back country, it is both versatile and rugged. Weighing only 36 lbs, The Helios II EX is fully rubber-coated Nitrylon fabric construction throughout, that means it is rugged, dries fast, and is easy to keep clean.

The extended fore and aft decks provide room for gear storage and it comes with its own deluxe drybag-backpack that will fit in an airline overhead bin. Not only that, when you reach your destination, you can set up in less than 10 minutes, no really we mean it.

The Helios was chosen twice for a Readers Choice Award from Sea Kayaker magazine in the inflatable kayak category. The award was based on the results of a reader survey taken every three years.

A Helios boat won the predicted log section of the 1997 San Juan Challenge, averaging 3 knots over the 40-mile course in winds gusting to 45 knots. An earlier version of the Helios II was used for search and rescue by the Canadian Ranger Kayak Patrol on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was selected for its rugged durability and easy portability – and because it is easy to drop rangers by sea plane with their Innova.

Whether you are in to sea kayaking, day touring or fishing, you should check out the Helios II EX Inflatable Kayak by Innova.

Bottom line: this will serve you well if you are not going to be using it primarily on calm waters as it really shines out in the waves and the moving rivers.

Our rating:

(4.2 / 5)
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