Fishing Hacks For The Beginner Angler

Fishing is intended to be fun and relaxing, but sometimes bad luck and expensive solutions get in the way. No fear, where there is a will there is a way and it is best to learn from others’ experience. Below is a list of some of the best hacks or DIY tips I have seen lately.

Floating live well – one of the biggest benefits of fishing from a nice boat is that most have a live well. Those of us who using kayaks, canoes or even fish from shore need to improvise. With nothing more than a plastic laundry basket, foam pool noodles and a handful of wire ties anyone can have their very own floating live well. Simply slice the noodles length ways, fit to laundry bin rim & wire tie in place. If you’re paddling add a short length of cord for a tow line.

Floating keys – losing your keys can ruin any day, when it happens on the water things get real bad because there’s no searching through the lake weeds on your hands & knees. Solution? A recycled wine cork with a small screw in eye – attached to key ring and it will provide enough floatation to keep your keys off the bottom. For extra protection paint the cork with bright orange paint or coat with rubber tool dip.

Finger full of hooks – ever reached into your tackle box and came out with a spare hook poking through your finger tip? You can keep this from happening, and keep hooks handy, by gluing a small magnet strip into one of your trays. This will keep all your hooks at your finger tip without being in them.

Poor man’s minnow trap– a pair of 2 liter bottles, two wire ties and a couple feet of string will soon have you swimming in bait. Cut the top off one bottle and the bottom off the other, insert the top piece ( with cap removed) into the open bottom, wire tie in place and poke some holes in body for water flow. Tie the string so you can retrieve and you’re ready, just add favorite bait.

Salted bait – once you start using your homemade minnow trap it will not be long before you have more bait than you know how to use. If you want to preserve some bait for future use, or salvage dead minnows, I suggest salting them. Cover the bottom of a small container with salt, layer bait on top of salt, add another layer of salt and repeat until container is full or bait is gone. When it is time to fish pull out a handful of minnows and get ready to trade up to bigger trophies.

Remember, no matter what problem you face as an angler chances are someone else faced it earlier. Chances are someone also found a solution so why reinvent the wheel. The truth is there is no one with more imagination than an angler eager to hit the water!

Good luck, good fishing!

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