Change Your Rig, Increase Your Chances For Success

Whether you want to admit it we all know that not every day spent fishing will be successful. This is why it is called “fishing” rather than “catching”. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Sometimes the deck is stacked against you and you need to just accept that a day spent on the water is better than a day in the office. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There are those days when what you think is the perfect rig just needs a tweaking to make it even better.

Need more distance? If you find your casts are consistently falling just short of your intended target there are a few tricks you can try. First, make sure the spool is filled to the correct level. With spinning reels you want to fill almost to capacity, it reduces friction as line pays out. If using a bait caster try using a little less line so the spool can spin more easily. Second, pay out more line before your cast. A longer leash, as much as 5-6 ft when using heavy lures, increases rod load which equals more energy.

Getting caught in the weeds? Obviously the first step is to use a weedless set up, but there are times when even this doesn’t work. So what can you do? Try switching to braided line. One of the advantages of braided line is it’s incredible strength. This alone can allow you to pull free of weeds, even ripping them out by the roots, without breaking. But there is another feature that helps too – the line’s ability to actually cut through most vegetation.

Are you using bait and getting hits but finding they are coming up short, taking only a portion and not the hook? The answer is to double up on your hooks, running them both through the bait in a tandem set up. If you are still having issues with stolen bait add a half hitch to the rear or tail of the bait, securing your bait to the line as well as the hooks.

Are your minnows or eggs falling off your hook after only a few casts? Chances are it is because they are starting to spoil, getting mushy. Rather than throwing them away or switching to lures try adding some salt. Simply place the minnows (dead one of course) or eggs in a small ziplock bag, add salt and shake. It only takes a few minutes for the salt to penetrate the flesh and cure it, resulting in a more flexible but solid consistency

Are you fishing a heavy rig and finding your bait spends more time on the bottom than your lead? Add a float between the weight and the hook. A small float will keep the bait of the bottom but still will not be enough to raise the rig to the surface.

Sometime the difference between a day on the water and a full creel is your ability to adapt and improvise. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, you might find yourself inventing the next big trend in fishing!

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